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Northern Lights recipient – iHuman-Woven Journey

On March 25, they were recognized for helping young mothers build parenting and life skills.

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Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Raising a child has always come with a lot of unique challenges. Those challenges are even more daunting for a young mom coming out of a dysfunctional, trauma-filled family experience. Helping to overcome those challenges and break the cycle of intergenerational childhood trauma are the dedicated volunteers of Woven Journey.

Through the program hosted by Edmonton’s iHuman Youth Society, young mothers can reach out to Woven Journey volunteers for assistance in meal preparation and housekeeping. Volunteers will also provide child care while mom is taking part in programming to build parenting and life skills – or when they need a bit of “mom time.”

The Woven Journey team goes that extra step to make sure their youthful clients get the support they need. Recognizing the added stresses brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers stepped up to record children’s book readings – a creative, audible helping hand for a mom looking to entertain house-bound youngsters.

For the volunteers of Woven Journey, success is seeing the loving, trusting relationships that young mothers are forging with their children in spite of their own traumatic upbringing, making the program a win-win-win for volunteers, moms and the children.

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