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Alberta Northern Lights recipient – Mike Martel

On May 9, 2024, Mike Martel was recognized for his contributions to Red Deer minor sport and the community.

Northern Lights recipient – Mike Martel

Location: Red Deer, Alberta

It is the oldest sport in North America, but lacrosse has attracted scores of some of Red Deer’s youngest athletes thanks in no small part to Mike Martel.

As the volunteer coach of the U9-2 Chiefs, Mike shares his own passion with some the sport’s younger players, instilling in them the same enthusiasm and love of the game that has earned him the admiration of players and parents alike.

Mike spends as much of his time learning about his players as he does teaching them the fundamentals of the game, revealing the positive attributes that they can bring to the team – no matter their skill level coming in. Regardless of the tally on the scoreboard, Mike helps to keep team morale high by creating an atmosphere of fun and inclusivity, putting in the extra time between games and practice to make sure every season is a winning season for the kids.

For his dedication to the game and his players, Mike Martel is a recipient of Northern Lights Volunteer Recognition honours.

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