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Northern Lights recipient – Meghan Payne

On March 4, she was recognized for assisting seniors, low-income families and immune-compromised individuals.

Meghan Payne dressed in riding gear on her horse

Location: High Prairie, Alberta

Whether it is working with local 4-H youth or organizing a fundraiser to help support a family dealing with the costs of a long stay in Edmonton for medical treatment, High Prairie’s Meghan Payne is one of the first to step forward as a volunteer.

While her involvement with 4-H and the local gymkhana club might have stemmed from the interest shown by her niece, Meghan’s contributions of time and talent are keeping many of the local kids busy and safe.

As the impacts of COVID-19 began to be felt by High Prairie’s more vulnerable citizens, Meghan was among the founders of High Prairie Helpers, a group of local residents who stepped forward to assist seniors, low-income families and immuno-compromised individuals with such daily tasks as picking up the mail or shopping for groceries.

Along with delivering the household essentials, Meghan has been helping to keep those in isolation connected. Taking the time to chat and share a smile, Meghan checks in regularly with a couple of recently ‘adopted’ grandmothers.

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