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Northern Lights recipient – Lighthouse Pentecostal Church

On June 16, they were recognized for helping Stony Plain and area residents struggling through the storms of life.

Logo of Northern Lights recipient Lighthouse Pentecostal Church

Location: Stony Plain, Alberta

Just as sailors looked for reassurance of the lighthouse to guide them safely through stormy seas, Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Stony Plain is there to help those struggling through the storms of life.

Volunteers with Lighthouse Pentecostal support a number of outreach programs serving a wide range of clients. From those dealing with chronic homelessness to individuals and families experiencing an unexpected setback due to COVID or economic downturn, Lighthouse is there to help. The church also provides services to seniors living alone.

Through their Garments of Praise program, the church provides free clothing for all ages and sizes. At a time when food security is a concern for many, Lighthouse also offers no-cost bag lunches and free hot meals to mark major holidays like Christmas and Easter, serving as many as 350 people from the area. Working with other community service agencies, Lighthouse volunteers help clients connect with programs and services not available directly through the church and maintains a resource table with timely, helpful information on other available resources.

Like the coastal lighthouses of old, Lighthouse Pentecostal shines as a beacon of hope, helping Parkland-area residents to overcome barriers and find their way to safe harbours.

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