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Northern Lights recipient – Kalee Lodewyk

On December 9, she was recognized for her dedication to volunteering at the Red Deer Hospital while keeping up her studies.

Northern Lights recipient Kalee Lodewyk volunteering at Red Deer hospital

Location: Red Deer, Alberta

Kalee Lodewyk began her volunteer work at Red Deer Regional Hospital in November of 2018, taking on the challenges of supporting staff in the healthcare facilities ER department. By the end of the summer of 2019, she had amassed an outstanding 185 hours of volunteer service, only leaving her volunteer assignment to attend the University of Alberta in August.

With the COVID-19 pandemic curtailing on-campus classes, Kalee returned to Red Deer to continue her studies online. Once back home, she immediately stepped up once again to offer her time and talents at the Red Deer hospital as a Pandemic Volunteer. In 106 volunteer shifts supporting two different programs at the hospital, Kalee bested her previous 10-month total for volunteer hours. Between May and February 2020, she contributed a whopping 235 hours – all while keeping up with her university course load. Now that is a healthcare helper with heart! For her exceptional volunteer contribution, Kalee Lodwyk is a worthy recipient of Northern Lights Volunteer recognition.

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