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Northern Lights recipient – Jim and Roberta Turnbull

On September 21, 2023, Jim and Roberta Turnbull were recognized for their contributions of time, talent and spirit in support of numerous community events.

Jim and Roberta Turnbull

Location: Jarvie/Westlock, Alberta

Long-time Jarvie residents, Jim and Roberta Turnbull may have relocated to Westlock, but their contributions as volunteers in the community continue to resonate.

The husband-and-wife team are among the first to step up when volunteers are needed to stage a community event. Whether it is activities at the local community centre, a project fundraiser or an initiative to help make the community stronger like the local chapter of Citizens on Patrol, Jim and Roberta have never failed to heed the call.

Each bring unique talents and abilities to their volunteerism, but together, they share a common passion and concern for the community. If a particular skill is required for a task, chances are Roberta knows just who to call and years of experience have honed her skills to ensure that the necessary permits and licensing are in place. 

While Jim’s volunteer activities and contributions are broad in scope, as a veteran of the Korean War, the care and attention he brings to the organization of the community’s Remembrance Day has made the annual event a memorable experience for vets and civilians alike. While no longer residents of Jarvie, like the glow of the Northern Lights, the volunteer service of Jim and Roberta Turnbull and their impact on their old hometown continues to shine brightly.

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