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Northern Lights recipient – Hope 4 MVC Kids

On June 30, they were recognized for supporting families dealing with a sick child.

Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient Hope 4 MVC Kids

Location: Olds

For families in Mountain View County (MVC) dealing with a sick child, the list of stresses is long and varied. If special equipment is needed, where can it be found? Is there help to meet the added financial pressures? Where can a parent or a sick child find an understanding shoulder to lean on when those stresses seem overwhelming?

The volunteers of Hope 4 MVC Kids Society can help find those answers. Driven by the caring compassion of volunteers, Hope 4 MVC Kids can connect families to help and support in a crisis.

When a child is hospitalized due to a supported illness, MVC can often help with the cost of incidentals like meals, parking and fuel. The organization may also be able to help families find equipment that can improve access and mobility in the home or in school for a child in need.

Built on a foundation of hope and understanding, the team of Hope 4 MVC Kids Society share a common mission: to give back to the community. While the work continues, for the family of a child dealing with illness that has received the support of Hope 4 MVC Kids, it is mission accomplished.

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