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Northern Lights recipient – Allan Waine (CSS)

On June 24, he was recognized for helping newcomers prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Exam.

Photo of Allan Waine

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

You might call Allan Waine a navigator for newcomers on Canadian citizenship. As a tech-savvy volunteer with Edmonton’s Catholic Social Services, Allan has been using his knowledge of computers – and the needs of CSS clients – to help newcomers to Alberta and Canada prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Exam.

With COVID-19 making in person attendance at exam preparation sessions not possible, Allan reformatted the CSS exam prep learning materials to better facilitate online learning. He also discovered other useful online resources such as practice tests and videos, provided tech support and assisted clients in obtaining the Discover Canada Study Guide. Allan’s dedication to ensuring access to tools and resources they need is helping program clients realize their dream of becoming part of the diverse family of Canadian citizens.

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