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Northern Lights recipients – Ed Alspach and Maria Fontaine

On May 23, they were recognized for coordinating the grass-roots effort to support members of their community.

Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient Ed Alspach

Location: Mulhurst and Battle Lake, Alberta

Ed Alspach and Maria Fontaine are the coordinators for the grass-roots effort to support community members around Pigeon Lake during COVID-19. Organizing through the Pigeon Lake Quarantine Assistance program, Ed is responsible for coordinating responses to requests for help from community members on the north side of the lake, and Maria is responsible for coordination on the south side.

Since mid-March, Ed and Maria have helped community members seeking assistance by directing them to reliable sources of information and appropriate government resources. Ed and Maria coordinate arrangements for volunteer drivers who pick up and deliver essential items to people who are isolating. They are also actively monitoring the Facebook page created to support the community effort and are making sure community members know where to find help.

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