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Northern Lights recipient – Ecumenical Campus Ministry

On April 30, they were recognized for collecting food donations and delivering them to post-secondary students.

Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient Ecumenical Campus Ministry

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta

The University of Lethbridge’s Ecumenical Campus Ministry and the Catholic Chaplaincy prepare food packages for students made from food donated by the community and local churches This year, COVID-19 created new challenges. Many students lost their part-time jobs because of the pandemic, creating more need for food packages, and fewer volunteers were available to help due to new safety measures.

Rev/Chaplain Erin Phillips led a small team (Marilyn Lamb, Allan Besplug, Ray Wilson, Kathleen Massey, Annette Bright) that worked hard over the course of six days to collect donations, make packages, and deliver them to students. These volunteers put in long hours to make sure that post-secondary students in Lethbridge were able to finish the semester without the added stress of food insecurity.

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