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Northern Lights recipient – Alberta Community Outdoor Adventure Club

On November 9, they were recognized for helping Edmontonians in self-isolation after returning from China.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

In February, Tony Li with the Alberta Community Outdoor Adventure Club, which hosts outdoor sporting events in the winter for newcomers, launched Isolation 4 Love. Toni and a group of volunteers helped Edmontonians returning from China to self-isolate because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group would organize hotel accommodations, grocery and laundry services and arrange to have travellers’ cars dropped off at the airport. They also made daily phone calls to those self-isolating to check up on them and help with any health concerns or questions. On the weekend, they delivered 'Love Meals' consisting of homemade dumplings, Chinese and Japanese food, and pizza donated by local restaurants or purchased with cash donations.

Before there were requirements for travellers to self-isolate, Tony and Isolation 4 Love volunteers were helping to flatten the curve by supporting those who returned to the country and went into self-isolation.

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