The Alberta Jobs Now program will provide up to $370 million to help private and non-profit businesses with job supports to get thousands of Albertans back to work.

Employers can apply for funding to offset the cost of hiring and training unemployed or underemployed Albertans in new or vacant positions.

This federal-provincial investment is the largest job training program in Alberta’s history. It will support our province’s recovery, help businesses re-open or grow their workforce, and give Albertans an opportunity to gain the skills they need in today’s job market.

Application status

  • Applications closed. First intake closed on July 23, 2021
  • Next intake: Fall 2021
  • Third intake: to be announced at a later date

Ministry responsible

Labour and Immigration

Program update

We are currently updating the Alberta Jobs Now Program to improve the program for employers. The second application intake period will launch in the coming weeks.

Employers who have hired between the first and second application intake periods will be able to apply for those new hires in the upcoming application intake period.


Private sector businesses and non-profit organizations across all industries can apply for funding to reduce the costs of hiring and training unemployed or underemployed Albertans. Additional funding is available for hiring persons with disabilities.

Employers can:

  • apply for a grant to offset salary or training costs, or both, equal to:
    • 25% of a new hire’s salary up to $25,000 per employee
    • 37.5% of the new hire's salary up to $37,500 per employee with a disability
  • apply for up to 20 full-time new hires per intake period:
    • first intake: May 20 to July 23, 2021
    • second intake:  Fall 2021
    • third intake: to be announced at a later date
  • choose to have payments issued in 1 or 2 payments:
    • 1 payment: up to 100% of the grant after new hires have been employed for 52 weeks
    • 2 payments:
      • half of the eligible grant paid when the new hires have been employed for 3 months
      • the other half paid when the new hires have been employed for 52 weeks

For more information, read the Alberta Jobs Now Program Application Guidelines.

Benefit to Albertans


Employers can apply to the Albertan Jobs Now program to cover wages or training costs of hiring unemployed or underemployed workers in new or vacant positions. This funding will help employers re-open or expand their operations.

Unemployed or underemployed

If you are unemployed or working fewer than 30 hours a week and looking for a new job, let potential employers know they can apply for the Alberta Jobs Now program to cover wages and training costs if they hire you. Workers cannot apply for the program directly.

Albertans with disabilities

Employers who hire persons with disabilities will receive a grant 1.5 times higher than the amount they would receive for other employees. If you have a disability and are looking for work, you can let employers know they can receive extra grant money through the Alberta Jobs Now Program if they hire you.


Private sector businesses and non-profit organizations in Alberta can apply.

Applications will be assessed on a first come, first served basis.

To ensure you meet the program eligibility requirements, review the Alberta Jobs Now pre-screening questionnaire (PDF, 103 KB).

  • Organizations

    Eligible organizations

    To be eligible, organizations must be one of the following legal entities:

    • private business or partnership:
      • must have a valid Alberta Corporate Access Number (ACAN)
      • must have been incorporated for more than a year
      • must be located and operational in Alberta
    • sole proprietors:
      • must have a valid trade name number
      • must have been registered in the Alberta Corporate Registry for more than a year
      • must be located and operational in Alberta
      • with coverage under the Workers’ Compensation Act must submit a Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB-Alberta) clearance letter
      • in a WCB-Alberta exempt industry under the Workers’ Compensation Act must submit the following:
        • WCB-Alberta exempt industry letter, and
        • a copy of their federal payroll deductions or GST registration
    • non-profit organizations:
      • must have been registered or incorporated for more than year
      • must have a valid ACAN, where applicable
      • must be located and operational in Alberta

    Eligible organizations must:

    • be hiring for new or vacant full-time positions in Alberta for at least 52 weeks
    • provide safe working conditions, and be in good standing and compliance with the Employment Standards Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Workers’ Compensation Act and all other applicable legislation and regulations
    • have met or currently meet all obligations to the province under previous grant agreements

    Ineligible organizations

    The following organizations are not eligible to receive funding under the program:

    • businesses or non-profits incorporated or registered less than one year
    • federal, provincial or municipal governments
    • public sector organizations, such as public post-secondary institutions, schools, school boards, hospitals, health authorities, etc.
    • political parties
    • provincial or federal Crown agencies, boards, commissions or corporations
    • First Nations – businesses owned by First Nations are eligible
    • businesses and organizations that are not in operation for the 52-week duration of the grant
  • New hires

    Eligible new hires

    To be eligible under the program, new hires must be:

    • an unemployed individual –
      • This includes an individual employed in a part-time position at a company other than the employer applicant (average of fewer than 30 hours per week).
    • a new hire of the employer –
      • New hires must be hired on or after the program launch date.
      • The start date for new hires can be no longer than 120 days from the application approval.
      • New hire information must be submitted within 30 days after the eligible employee’s date of hire.
      • A previous employee of the employer can be considered a new hire, if they have not been working for the employer applicant, part or full time for the past 90 days.
    • a resident of Alberta and will be working in the province
    • a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or protected persons under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, who is legally entitled to work in Canada.

    Replacing new hires

    Under the Alberta Jobs Now Program, employers must hire unemployed Albertans for a minimum of 52 weeks in order to receive a wage and/or training subsidy. Employers can replace original hires twice within the 52-week duration of the grant.

    To replace a new hire, the employer must:

    • contact the Alberta Jobs Now Program at [email protected] and identify the new hire being replaced and their last day of employment
    • submit the replaced new hire’s pay stubs via email
    • The current new hire’s status will be changed to state 'New-Hire Replaced' in the application portal.
    • The employer will enter the information for the replacement new hire (including unemployment documentation and job offer letter) in the Alberta Jobs Now Program application portal and will be notified by email when the new hire is processed.

    Note: employers will have a total of 120 days to hire for each approved position, including original hires and any replacement hires. If hiring of original and replacement new hires takes more than 120 days, the position will not be eligible for a full grant payment based on 52 weeks of employment.

    Ineligible new hires

    The following new hires are not eligible under the program:

    • previous employees who were purposefully terminated or laid off by the employer to receive the Alberta Jobs Now program grant
    • individuals who leave their current full-time position to move to another full-time position
    • company owners, directors or board members of the employer applicant or self-employed individuals cannot apply for the grant to fund themselves
    • immediate family of the company owner or director/board member or self-employed individual:
      • immediate family members include, but are not limited to spouse, common-law partner, adult interdependent partner, child (biological, step, adopted), parent, sibling
    • current and previous employees who have worked for the employer in the past 90 days
    • any person who was a previous participant in the Alberta Jobs Now program for the same employer
    • any person who is not a resident of or will not be working in Alberta
    • contractors
    • full-time self-employed individuals
    • temporary foreign workers, or anyone temporarily working in Canada
  • Training

    Eligible training

    Eligible training must meet the following criteria to be eligible under the Alberta Jobs Now program:

    • relevant to the current operational needs of the business and result in skills development directly connected to the available job
    • delivered online, onsite or in a classroom, and may be undertaken part-time or full-time
    • started and completed within the duration of the grant
    • take place in Alberta except under exceptional circumstances

    Funding through the Alberta Jobs Now program may be used to cover the following direct training costs:

    • tuition fees or fees charged by a training provider
    • mandatory student fees
    • textbooks, software and other required materials
    • examination fees

    Ineligible training

    The following training is not eligible under the program:

    • apprenticeship training
    • self-study for an exam
    • training for personal interest
    • any training that is or will be funded for the same employee under a different training program, for example, the Canada-Alberta Job Grant
    • travel costs related to training
  • Required documents

    Offer of employment

    Employers must submit an offer of employment or letter of employment as part of the new hire information. These documents must be signed after the program launch date, be on organization letterhead and include:

    • employer location information
    • salary and position
    • start date
    • new hire name
    • employer signature
    • employee signature

    Unemployment status

    Employers must also submit documentation validating the new hire’s unemployed status, including one or more of the following:

    • statement of Employment Insurance (EI) earnings and documentation of EI application decision
    • most recent Record of Employment
    • notice of termination from most recent employer
    • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Notice of Assessment
    • self-declaration (PDF, 303 KB) from the unemployed person if they have been out of the labour force for a significant period of time or are employed part-time and do not have any other proof of unemployment. This document is subject to verification.

    Information on new hires

    Employers will be required to provide personal information on their new hires. You can use the New Hire Information Form (PDF, 327 KB) to help collect the required personal information on the new hires. This form is not mandatory and should not be submitted in the application portal.

    If employers do not have all the necessary information from their new hires, employers may re-enter their application after it is submitted to provide this information.

How to apply

The application portal is currently closed. New applications and applications in draft cannot be submitted at this time. Employers with approved applications can still enter the portal to submit required information.

New applications will be accepted starting in Fall 2021.

Note, the portal may be unavailable at times to make adjustments to the application.

Businesses and non-profits located in Alberta may apply at any time during the application intake periods.

Alberta Jobs Now Program Portal Login

  • Step 1. Read the guidelines

    Before completing your application, read the:

    Make sure you have all required documents noted above.

  • Step 2. Create a user account and log into the online application portal

    All applications must be submitted through the online application portal.

    MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI) is a free account that lets you prove who you are online to the Government of Alberta without paper documents or face-to-face visits. MyAlberta Digital ID gives you seamless access to a growing range of government sites and services, while protecting your information and privacy.

    You must have a My Alberta Digital ID user account with a secure login name and password to access the online application portal. If you already have a MADI, log in with your existing credentials below.

    If you do not have a MADI, set up a basic MADI account using a valid email before accessing the online application portal.

    You are not required to register for a Verified Account, and do not need to verify your account with a valid driver's licence or identification card. If there are any issues with MADI, please call the contact centre at 1‐844‐643‐2789.

    Once the account has been created, use your new credentials to log in to the online application portal below.

    The portal hosts live application forms available for submission.

    Alberta Jobs Now Program Portal Login

  • Step 3. Complete and submit the online application package

    Applications must be submitted through the online application portal before application intake closure.

    Employers must complete and submit applications before the closing date.

    Make sure you have the following critical pieces of information:

    • legal business name
    • Alberta Corporate Access Number (ACAN) or Alberta Charitable Registration Number
    • permanent establishment address
    • position of new hires
    • salary of new hires
    • banking information
      • financial information including branch, transit and account numbers
      • financial institution address
      • void cheque

    For detailed information on the supporting documents required, review the Application and Assessment Process section of the program application guidelines.

After you apply

  • Application status

    Your application will appear on the main page of the online application portal in ‘Submitted’ status after you submit your application.

    Applications with incomplete or incorrect information will experience a delay in processing. A program advisor may contact the applicant for more information to process the application.

    Applicants who have already submitted their application should not reapply. Resubmitting an application could cause further delays.

    Once the application is processed, employers will receive an approval email from the Alberta Jobs Now Program. The application status will update to ‘approved’ within the portal.

    Upon receiving approval, employers will have 120 days to hire workers into the positions. Employers must update your application with new hire information within 30 days of a new hire’s employment date.

    Employers can return to the Alberta Jobs Now Program portal at any time for further updates on the status of your application.

  • Receiving payment

    Eligible employers will receive 50% of their grant funding 3 months after the new hire has started working, and the remaining 50% after the new hire has completed 52 weeks of employment. The employer also has the option to request a single payment at the end of 52 weeks of employment.

    After new hires have worked for 3 months, employers return to their application in the portal to upload paystubs for each new hire.

    Once all the new hires’ pay information has been submitted, the payment will be calculated and issued. The total grant amount approved cannot exceed the amount estimated within the employer’s application.

    Grant payments will be made through direct deposit.

    Make sure the banking information provided at the time of application is accurate to avoid payment delays.

    The grant is a taxable benefit and must be declared on the employer’s annual returns.

Audit and compliance

All applications and corresponding grants may be subject to audit by the Government of Alberta, or their authorized representatives, upon reasonable notice to the recipient.


To connect with the Alberta Jobs Now program:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-833-838-9500

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