Workforce Adjustment Service

Workers, companies and communities can find supports to help deal with workplace change.


Alberta’s Workforce Adjustment Service helps employers and labour groups work together to plan for workplace change, including:

  • business closures
  • downsizing
  • job loss
  • layoffs

The service works with employers, unions and other stakeholders to help people:

  • find and retrain for alternate employment
  • transition to retirement
  • learn about starting a business

Workforce adjustment committees

Employers, unions and workers may choose to create a committee to help:

  • identify re-training and re-employment opportunities
  • develop a communications plan
  • collect and use labour market information to assist in planning

Committees are made up of:

  • the employer
  • union(s)
  • employees
  • government (provincial, federal and/or municipal)
  • resource personnel
  • other community entities

For more information, contact the Workforce Adjustment Service Coordinator, Kris Rollheiser, by phone at 780-624-6128 or email at [email protected].

Workforce consultants

Contact your local Workforce Consultant to arrange a referral with Alberta Seniors, Community and Social Services or Service Canada.

We can help affected employees find programs and information to transition to other opportunities as quickly as possible. These services can help people:

  • understand job loss, with a focus on coping and getting back on their feet
  • assess their personal situations, needs and concerns
  • explore and define next steps by planning and setting goals
  • prepare effective resumes
  • target and manage a work search while understanding the hidden job market
  • improve job interview skills and confidence

We work with the federal government who may offer presentations on their services, including Employment Insurance (rights, responsibilities, entitlements and obligations).

The Government of Canada Work-Sharing Program may be another option to give employers an alternative to layoffs.

Health and financial support

The following helplines are available 24 hours a day:

Additional resources

Alberta Supports

Career counsellors provide consulting and referral service for occupation, education and training options, job search skills and career transitions by phone:

Hours: 7:30 am to 8 pm (open Monday to Friday)
Toll free: 1-877-644-9992

Online employment resources

The Employment and Training Services Directory includes programs and services to help people find and keep jobs, get training and adapt to a changing labour market.

Learn more about the Workforce Adjustment Service.

Canada-Alberta Job Bank

Canada’s largest job bank features job search, job match, and job alert services to help you find your next job faster and easier.

The alis website

The alis website has free information for employers on topics that include:

  • layoffs
  • recruitment and retention
  • succession planning

People looking for a job or career can also find:

  • a job fair calendar
  • job-search tip sheets
  • labour market research
  • links to dozens of job banks
  • the CareerInsite career-planning tool
  • a free online resumé review service