Arts Professions Act engagement

Gathered input on ways the government can better recognize and support artists.


Alberta is committed to adopting an Arts Professions Act that is meaningful and relevant to artists.

We’ve gathered feedback on legislative and policy components being considered to verify they:

  • recognize and raise awareness of the importance of the arts sector
  • address some of the unique challenges artists face

The act will be modelled on the 2009 Saskatchewan Statute, which gives formal recognition to artists, their representative associations, their freedom of expression, and their economic and contractual rights.


  • Open

  • Results under review

  • Completed

Who is listening

Ministry of Culture

Get involved

Albertans provided their input through an online survey until October 3, 2019.


Your feedback will be used to inform future legislation.


Connect with Arts Services:

Aaron Talbot
Arts Services Consultant – Communications
Phone: 780-644-7588
Email: [email protected]