Since 1976, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Statistics and Data Development Section has carried out a monthly survey of prices for selected Alberta farm inputs. The prices are collected by the Alberta Federation of Agriculture in partnership with the Statistics and Data Development Section.

Periodically, a comprehensive review of the survey is undertaken, to ensure that the inputs monitored are relevant and consistent with Alberta's current farming practices, and that there is adequate coverage across the province. Most recently, a comprehensive review of the survey in 2011 resulted in the number of farm inputs increasing from 53 to 56. Effective 2012, the revised list of farm inputs includes several new inputs, while some of the old inputs were dropped or modified.

Monthly average prices reported are intended to serve as a guide only. Actual prices at specific locations may differ from these provincial averages.

As of April 1, 2018, this project was sponsored by Canadian Agriculture Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial agreement.

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