Alberta Accredited International Schools

This program builds and strengthens international relationships while sharing expertise and best practices.


Alberta Education works with international partners to enable them to offer the Alberta curriculum to students.

Alberta Accredited International Schools (AAIS) works to:

  • increase international recognition of Alberta’s high-quality education through its international schools
  • enable international schools to provide the Alberta curriculum and credentials to their local students
  • create sustainable and efficient opportunities for internationals schools to receive and maintain Alberta Education accreditation
  • collaborate with government ministries and non-government organizations to link accredited schools, their teachers, students and community leaders with opportunities to study and work in Alberta

Since 2010, the network of Alberta accredited international schools has grown significantly. AAIS monitors and accredits international schools to ensure that quality programming is delivered by Alberta certified teachers to thousands of students abroad.

Benefits of accreditation

Alberta's world-class education system has an excellent reputation and is recognized as one of the best in the English-speaking world. Alberta’s strong programs of study (Early Childhood Services to Grade 12) and curriculum, highly qualified and trained teachers, and high standards contribute to students reaching their full potential.

When students graduate from an Alberta accredited international school, they receive the internationally-recognized Alberta high school diploma. Many of Alberta's high school graduates continue their education at Alberta's outstanding universities and colleges. Others go on to other excellent universities and colleges in the world. More and more international schools recognize the value of an Alberta education.

Why attend an AAIS

Early Learning in AAIS

Apply to an undergraduate program

Becoming accredited

Becoming an Alberta accredited international school requires leadership, commitment, planning, resources and time.

Application Process

Alberta Education's application process includes the submission of an expression of interest form. Alberta Education reviews the expression of interest form to determine the candidate’s potential to meet all AAIS accreditation requirements. If determined eligible, an application form will be provided. Alberta Education must receive the completed application no later than January 1 for the school to be considered for accreditation in the following school year. A non‑refundable application fee must be submitted along with the application form.

For more details, contact [email protected].

Fillable PDF forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers.

If you are having problems opening the form, contact PDF form technical support.

Working abroad

Alberta accredited international schools employ qualified and enthusiastic individuals to join their teams.

Teaching Credentials

Teachers interested in seeking employment in an Alberta accredited international school must meet the Teacher certification requirements and are encouraged to contact the school directly.

Teaching experience towards a permanent professional certification will be considered once the school is in Tier 3 and 4.

Alberta accredited international schools are solely responsible for the recruitment and hiring of teachers and administrators. Teachers and administrators are responsible for due diligence when entering into employment contracts.

Accreditation process

Schools move through 4 tiers as they proceed through the accreditation process. The tiered approach allows schools to build capacity and provides a step-by-step process that assures continuous improvement.

For details on the accreditation process and requirements, request a copy of the 'Handbook for the Alberta Accredited International Schools' at [email protected].

Alberta accredited internationals schools

Tier 4

Tier 3

Tier 2


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