AISH overpayments and underpayments

Information about receiving more or less AISH benefits than you’re eligible for.

Reasons overpayments happen

  • you forget to tell us your situation has changed
  • you tell us your situation has changed, but your cheque has already been issued
  • we make an error in your payment amount

How to prevent being overpaid or underpaid

  • report changes in your financial, health or living situation as soon as they occur
  • contact your AISH worker if you see an error in your monthly benefits

When overpayments happen

When an overpayment is assessed, you’ll be sent a Notice of Overpayment. You have 30 days from the date you get the notice to:

  • file a written appeal
  • make a written request to the AISH program to consider if repayment of your overpayment can be waived
    • contact your AISH worker if you have questions about your overpayment calculation or for more information about making a request to not repay an overpayment
    • if you file an appeal, you can submit a request to not repay an overpayment for 30 calendar days following:
      • being asked in writing to reschedule an appeal hearing you didn’t attend, and you haven’t rescheduled the hearing, or
      • when you were notified of the Appeal Panel’s decision
      • contact your AISH worker or the Appeals Secretariat if you have questions about appealing an overpayment decision

Overpayments become debts

When an overpayment becomes a debt, it means you must pay the Government of Alberta back for the benefits you received and weren’t eligible for. The Government of Alberta will start collecting a debt:

  • after you sign a repayment agreement
  • once 30 calendar days have passed since you received your Notice of Overpayment and you haven’t filed an appeal or asked for more time to file an appeal

Debt collection

  • the monthly collection amount is 10% of the maximum living allowance or modified living allowance you receive – if you’re experiencing financial hardship, this amount may be reduced
  • your debt is usually collected through a monthly deduction from your AISH benefits
  • if your AISH file closes, you’re still required to pay your debt:
    • AISH will send you a letter to explain how to make these payments
    • if you do not make payment arrangements, your debt may be sent to a collection agency

When underpayments happen

If you receive less AISH benefits than you’re eligible for:

  • AISH pays the full amount of an underpayment for the entire time you received less benefits than you were eligible for
  • before you are paid, money from an underpayment may be used to pay debts you have to the Alberta government