How to apply for AISH

Follow these steps to apply for AISH financial and health benefits

AISH Application

Step 1: Refer to the how-to guides

PDF form instructions

We recommend using Internet Explorer on a desktop computer to download and fill out this form. It may not work with mobile devices or Chrome.

Step 2: Fill out the AISH Application Part A

Step 3: Have your doctor fill out Part B

  • Online: download and open this fillable AISH Application Part B – Medical Report (PDF, 317 KB)
  • Paper copy: print this Part B – Medical Report (PDF, 172 KB) and fill it in by hand, or contact an AISH office or Alberta Supports to get one
  • Your doctor may charge you for this service
  • You’re responsible for paying the fee to the doctor to complete the medical report
  • If you’re on Income Support, the cost to fill in these reports may be covered – contact your Income Support worker
  • If you’re not on Income Support, but need financial help – find out how to apply for other benefits while waiting for AISH

Step 4: Apply

  • Gather your form and all other documents that are needed for your complete AISH Application
  • Make copies for your files
  • Bring, mail or fax your completed AISH Application to your nearest AISH office

Step 5: After you apply

  • If you haven’t provided all the personal, financial or medical information we need to make a decision, we’ll contact you to ask for more information
  • If your application is approved:
    • you’ll get a letter saying you’re eligible for AISH
    • your benefits will be backdated to the month AISH received all the information that’s needed to approve your application
    • you will be contacted by phone or mail to schedule an meeting with an AISH worker
  • If your application is not approved you will get a letter explaining:
    • why you’re not eligible for AISH – this may be due to financial, medical or other reasons
    • how to give AISH more information showing a change in your situation
    • how to contact AISH if you have questions
    • how to appeal the decision
    • where to find out about other financial and health benefit programs that may help you
  • To find out about your application or what you can do if you’re not approved for AISH, contact your nearest AISH office

Applying for other benefits while waiting

  • You may apply for other benefits and services, such as Income Support and health benefits, while you’re waiting for the AISH program’s decision
  • Contact Alberta Supports at 1-877-644-9992 or 780-644-9992 within Edmonton or visit the nearest Alberta Supports Centre or Alberta Works Centre

Reopening your AISH file

  • If you leave AISH, you may have your AISH file reopened quickly if:
    • it’s been less than 2 years since you got your last AISH benefits
    • you didn’t leave AISH due to a change in your medical condition
  • Contact AISH if these criteria apply to you
  • If these criteria don’t apply, you’ll need to reapply