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Air quality data and reports

Access data and reports on various aspects of air quality from across the province.

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Air quality data and reports


Alberta gathers air quality data from across the province to inform Albertans and guide decisions on management of air quality. Explore this section to access various types of Alberta air quality data and reports, including those provided by other organizations.

Ambient air and industrial emissions data

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Access air data

Review Alberta ambient air and industrial emissions data provided by the Government of Alberta as well as from other provincial and national sources.

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Learn about the air quality datasets currently included in the Alberta Air Data Warehouse and how to navigate data downloads.

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Explore the Air section of the Environmental monitoring web page to discover how ambient air quality data in Alberta is collected.

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Review information on Alberta’s Air Emissions Inventory Reporting (AEIR) program and collection of air pollutant emissions data from select industrial facilities throughout the province.

Alberta Air Data Warehouse information

The Alberta Air Data Warehouse is a central repository for air quality and continuous emissions monitoring data collected in Alberta, and associated metadata (information about the data).

  • Data stored in the Warehouse

    The Alberta Air Data Warehouse is where Alberta’s historical, quality-assured air quality and Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) data are stored. Albertans can download ambient air quality data and industrial emissions data. Additional data products will be available in the future as Air Data Warehouse development continues.

    Ambient air quality monitoring stations are operated by area operators (including Alberta Airsheds, the Government of Alberta, and other partners) and industrial facilities. Continuous emissions monitoring is conducted by industrial facilities on large point sources (stacks).

    The datasets included in the Warehouse have undergone quality control and quality assurance in accordance with the Alberta Air Monitoring Directive and Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) Code. There is a time lag between collection and posting of the data. Data is subject to change at any time when further reviewed, resubmitted or when the Warehouse is updated.

    Administrative data (e.g. station operators, emission source information, parameters collected, etc.) is stored in the Warehouse and some of this is accessible from the Alberta Air Data Information Map, however not all of this information is publicly available at this time.


  • Reference data

    Data flags are used as an indicator of data validity and to provide additional information about the data. Flags may be used to indicate data that are anomalous based on quality control and quality assurance or to explain why a measurement is missing. By default, the reports generated include only valid data as defined by the flags associated with the data point. There are also options to show all available data and associated flags in the report.

    Reference information for ambient data, such as the definitions of the flags and which are associated with valid data, as well as other additional information can be found in the Ambient Data Reference Table.

    Reference data for Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) data (for example definitions of data flags) can be found in the CEMS User Manual.


  • Data collection

    Air quality, deposition and emissions monitoring in Alberta is delivered through a distributed system, which includes industry, Airsheds and the provincial and federal governments. For more information about data collectors, review the references below.


  • Data submission

    To submit data to the Alberta Air Data Warehouse, see:

    To submit CEMS data, see:


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