Business analysis and research

AgriProfit$ is a business analysis and research program operated by Alberta Agriculture's Economics Branch. The primary roles of the program are to (1) deliver sound business management benchmarks and information, and (2) create applied research information, assisting producers in:

  • evaluating their own business' performance
  • assessing production, management and technology options, and
  • charting their business' course, in an economically sustainable fashion.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide "better business management information, to knowledgeable business managers, to make better business management decisions".

Benchmark reports

Benchmark reports for Alberta cattlement enable producers to gauge the productive, economic and financial performance of their beef enterprises compared to regional and provincial peer groups. AgriProfit$ benchmark reports are available for the following beef-related enterprises.

  • Cow/Calf
  • Backgrounding in Drylot
  • Forages
  • Grazing

Budgeting tools

Developing enterprise budgets is a key step in charting beef enterprise profitability and managing risk. AgriProfit$ budgeting information and tools are either available, or in the process of being developed to assist Alberta beef producers in proactively taking control of their business, both from an annual, operational point of view, and a longer term, strategic perspective.

Business management and economic analysis

In addition to the above resources, a broad variety of AgriProfit$ newsletters, bulletins and reports are available on topics including:

  • general business management,
  • analysis of production options, technologies and systems
  • market outlook and marketing options,
  • economic and financial performance assessments on beef enterprises & beef farms,
  • beef industry competitiveness, and
  • managing business stress