Agricultural plastics

Management and recycling of agricultural plastics.

Management and recycling of agricultural plastics (for example, grain bags, baling twine, silage/bale plastics) is an important issue to many Albertans who have encouraged the Government of Alberta to take action on the issue.

In 2012, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development worked jointly with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development to collect Alberta-specific data on the agricultural plastics issue.

Two surveys, sampling agricultural producers and municipal waste authorities, were completed to determine the types and quantity of waste agricultural plastics generated and how they are managed at end-of-life in Alberta.

The results showed that some agricultural plastics were being burned, even though burning plastic releases harmful toxins to the environment and is not permitted under the Substance Release Regulation. Additionally, agricultural producers stated it is important for them to be able to recycle their agricultural plastics at end-of-life.

Further information on the results of the two surveys can be viewed at:

We encourage all agricultural producers and stakeholders that use agricultural plastics to responsibly manage the material at end-of-life, including not burning the material and recycling where facilities exist. Contact your local municipality to find out what opportunities exist in your community to recycle agricultural plastic.