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Video Ante-Mortem Inspection program

Species that can be slaughtered under the VAMI program are limited to domestic livestock.

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“The Video Ante-Mortem (VAMI) program allows for an ante-mortem inspection by video for animals that cannot be transported to an abattoir so that they may be humanely slaughtered on site,” says Kelly Sawka, operations manager north, with the Alberta government. “The program has already assisted several producers who had animals that were lame and difficult to transport.”

Once the animal has passed ante-mortem inspection by video the animal must be humanely stunned and bled and transported to a participating provincially-licensed abattoir for a post-mortem inspection and where additional activities related to slaughter are completed.

The meat may be sold if both an ante-mortem inspection and a post-mortem inspection have been conducted and passed, and the meat has been deemed fit for human consumption.

“The VAMI program may not be able to assist in all cases due to limited inspection resources or availability of licensed abattoirs,” explains Sawka. “Also, for some cases, rural connectivity to the internet may limit participation in VAMI as an internet connection is required to access the online VAMI tool and submit a video. Alternative slaughter options available to producers include the Appointed Inspector Program, On-farm Slaughter Operation licence, or a licensed mobile butcher.”

The VAMI webpage provides detailed information about the program including eligibility, cost, program provisions, a VAMI guidance document and step-by-step instructions to access the program.

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Video Ante-Mortem Inspection (VAMI)


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