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Celebrating with fireworks is a tradition in the summer, but they can be a threat to our forests. Because of the risk of causing a wildfire, written permission from a forest officer is required to use fireworks or exploding targets in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta at any time of year.

“Fireworks and exploding targets create hot debris when they’re detonated,” says Josée St-Onge, provincial information officer with Alberta Wildfire. “We’ve seen this debris cause wildfires when it makes contact with dry vegetation.”

Legislative changes in 2017 prohibited the use of fireworks and exploding targets without written permission from a forest officer. The debris caused by fireworks and exploding targets can cause a wildfire when it lands on fuels in the forest, such as dry grass.

“Since January 1, we’ve responded to 2 wildfires started by fireworks and one wildfire started by exploding targets,” says St-Onge. “Being found responsible for starting a wildfire has serious consequences. You could have to pay a $600 fine or be on the hook for the cost of fighting the wildfire.”

Last year 67% of wildfires were human-caused and these are completely preventable.

Anyone who plans to use fireworks or exploding targets in the Forest Protection Area should contact their provincial information officer for more information. Visit Alberta Wildfire for additional information.


Connect with a provincial information officer:
Phone: 780-420-2968
Email: [email protected]

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