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Change in AOPA Livestock Type Calculator

Confined feeding operations can use this online tool when considering a change in livestock type within a category.

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“Under the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA), owners or operators of confined feeding operations (CFO) can change livestock types within a category to capitalize on livestock market opportunities,” says Vince Murray, AOPA engineer with the Alberta government.

The Change in AOPA Livestock Type Calculator is an Alberta-based web application that helps users test new livestock type(s) changes, including combination scenarios, within the same livestock category (as specified in Schedule 1 of the Standards and Administration Regulation under AOPA).

When testing scenarios, the calculator will indicate if the proposed change is within the permitted capacity based on manure or odour production. Other factors such as facilities (for example, pens, feeders, waterers) and animal welfare are not included in the calculator but must also be taken into consideration.

“Whether at home, among the livestock corrals or at the auction mart, you can access the calculator and test these scenarios,” says Murray. “Just make sure you have your permitted livestock animal numbers handy as you need to enter this number after you select your current livestock category.”

To find your livestock animal capacity on your AOPA permit, look in the binder provided to you by your local Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) approval officer or use the CFO Search engine to find your permit online. If you can’t find your permitted animal numbers, please contact your local NRCB field office.

“Once you enter the number of head for each permitted livestock type, you can then enter the number of head for one or multiple livestock types in the ‘new mix of livestock’ column. The calculator will indicate if you exceed your current manure or odour production levels based on your permitted amount by turning the column red,” explains Murray.

“Please note that if the calculator shows you have exceeded the limits, but you still want to make the change, or if a change in your facility or manure type is required, you must contact the NRCB to determine if a permit is required prior to making the change.”

The intent of the Change in AOPA Livestock Type Calculator is to help owners and operators make decisions about their CFOs. The calculator does not ensure compliance with AOPA and the regulations as enforced by the NRCB. Thus, if you have any questions about whether or not your proposed change meets the requirements, please contact your local NRCB field office.

This calculator was created in partnership with Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation and the NRCB.

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