Change in AOPA Livestock Type Calculator

Confined feeding operations can use this online tool when considering a change in livestock type within a category.


The Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA) regulations allow for increased flexibility to capitalize on livestock market opportunities. This calculator helps Alberta’s confined feeding operation (CFO) owners or operators evaluate changes (including combinations) of livestock types within a livestock category as specified in Table 1, Schedule 1 of the Standards and Administration Regulation. These changes can occur without you having to notify the Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) – if both manure and odour production resulting from the change do not exceed what is produced by the animal capacity(ies) stated on your permit.

  • How to use the calculator (click to expand)

    Use the calculator to test new livestock type scenarios from the same category by entering the number of head in the ‘New mix of livestock’ column.

    Important: This calculator is based only on permitted capacity. Other factors such as facilities and animal welfare may also affect the operating capacity of a facility. In addition, if your proposed change in livestock type requires a change in facility or switch between liquid and solid manure, you must contact the NRCB before making the change.

    Enter your data

    Step 1. Select a 'Livestock category' from the drop-down list.

    Step 2. Add 'How many animals are on your permit', for each livestock type.

    Step 3. Add number(s) for each 'New mix of livestock type' you are considering adding.

    Reading the results

    Max of one type
    Calculates the maximum number of head available within each livestock type based on your permit capacity. This column does not change when values are entered into the ‘New mix of livestock’ column.

    Remaining permit capacity
    Calculates the number of head remaining for each available livestock type based on the permitted capacity. This column changes based on the values entered for each livestock type in the ‘New mix of livestock’ column. Getting the most out of your permitted capacity happens when the values in this column are as close to ‘0’ as possible.

    After you enter your data, the calculator automatically shows if the manure or odour production levels exceed the permitted amount. If the manure or odour production levels exceed the permitted amount, the cells in the ‘Remaining permit capacity’ column will be highlighted in red.

Contact the NRCB if:
  • you have any questions about whether or not your proposed change meets the requirements,
  • the calculator shows you have exceeded the limits, but you still want to make the change, or
  • a change in your facility or manure type is required.


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The change in AOPA livestock type calculator is designed for Alberta CFOs and is not applicable outside of the province. The intent of the calculator is to help owners and operators make decisions about their CFOs and does not ensure compliance with AOPA and the regulations as enforced by the NRCB.

Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation, having no control over individual information being entered, makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the responses generated by this calculator and assumes no responsibility or liability for use of the calculator.


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