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Grain Elevator

Seed and Feed Grains

Grains and pulses

Current Export Markets: United States, Japan, China, South Korea, Mexico, Philippines

Stony Plain Seed Cleaning provides customers with guaranteed top quality seed and feed grains and ships them either bagged or bulk via truck, rail or ocean containers.

They are capable of cleaning cereals, pulses and specialty crops with storage capacity of approximately 1,600 mt of grain.

Their robotic bagging system and bulk handling equipment enables them to efficiently package and load both containers and trucks. They also have the ability to load rail-cars at a secondary facility north of our plant.

Stony Plain Seed Cleaning markets and exports crops such as oats, barley, wheat, flax, rye, peas and other specialty grains. They also supply the horse racing industry with top quality oats at competitive pricing. Whether it is bin-run feed oats or high quality triple cleaned pony oats, they can make a product unique to a customer’s needs.

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Phone: +1-780-963-2581
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