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Livestock Water Recycling Equipment

Facilitating Agriculture Biomass to Renewable Natural Gas

Agricultural technology, equipment, supplies

Current Export Markets: North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Middle East

Planned Export Markets: Worldwide

Livestock Water Recycling (LWR) operates at the intersection of green energy production and cleantech by facilitating biomass from agriculture to Renewable Natural Gas with an award-winning on-site water and fertilizer PLANT. This multi-patented, ML powered, data-driven system creates a waste-to-worth value proposition for protein and energy producers by transforming waste into revenue by converting manure into fertilizers, biogas feedstock, and recycled clean water.

System automation and digitized outputs gives access to greenhouse gas funding, carbon credits, and the revenue benefits derived from engaging in the circular economy.

Contact Livestock Water Recycling

Contact: Doug Laird
Phone: +1-403-203-4972
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /LWRinc
Twitter: @LWR_Inc
Instagram: @lwr_inc

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