Legal Alfalfa Products Ltd.

Supply high quality processed alfalfa pellets and cubes that serve as straight forage replacements.

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Alfalfa Products

Processed Alfalfa Products

Agricultural animal feed

Certifications: Non-GMO

Current Export Markets: United States, Asia-Pacific

Legal Alfalfa supplies high quality processed alfalfa products such as pellets and cubes. Our products serve as a straight forage replacement with alfalfa cubes or as a supplement to livestock feed rations with dehydrated and sun-cured alfalfa pellets. Other options include blended timothy-alfalfa cubes or pellets are also available.

  • Legal Alfalfa can export bulk or bagged in container
  • For bagged, Legal Alfalfa can offer our own brands or private label depending on volume
  • Minimum order: 1 full 40’ container
  • Maximum order: 300+ containers; negotiable

Contact Legal Alfalfa Products Ltd.

Contact: Jordan Hussey
Phone: +1-519-482-8400
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /ALFATECProducts
Instagram: @alfatecproducts

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