Kainai Forage

Forage producer and processor offering premier products for dairy, equine and pet food end users.

Kainai Processing Centre

Forages, Timothy, Alfalfa, Cereal Straw

Grains and pulses

Current export markets: Japan, South Korea, China, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, United States

Planned export markets: Worldwide

The Blood Tribe’s Forage Processing Business:

Anchored by its dedicated lands and water, partnered for long term success with dedicated capital, expert forage growers, and marketing expertise. Our business model has integrated the largest irrigation project directly to the forage processing, this assures consistent supply and quality control. State-of-the-art storage and processing equipment will assure timely delivery and quality. Project capacity is expanding to over 100,000 mt per annum.

The project has also partnered with associated companies to offer heat treated, dehydrated products as well as dryland hay.

Products are:

  • 50-60 kg full bale 480 bales per container
  • 25-30 kg half cut bale 864 bales per container
  • 450 kg big sleeved bale 56 per container

Associated facilities:

  • Heat treated dehydrated bale 300 kg 90 bales per container
  • Heat treated dehydrated bale 2 kg 1280 bales per container

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Phone: +1-403-556-4100, +1-403-737-3496
Email: [email protected]
Website: kainaiforage.com

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