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Cattle, Bison and Equine Equipment

Cattle, Bison and Equine Equipment

Agricultural technology, equipment, supplies

Current export markets: United States, Scandinavia, Asia, South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom

Planned export markets: Europe, Mexico, Central and South America

Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment manufactures outstanding cattle, bison, and equine equipment.

Hi-Hog’s logistics staff are highly experienced with preparing truck and container orders to maximize load value. Our manufacturing team delivers durable, high quality equipment. Our design and sales support team focus on helping our clients reach their individual goals. Whether you require a small bison handling system, large cattle corrals, or stalls for your equine facility, we are here to help.

Outstanding products, outstanding service.

Contact Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment Ltd.

Contact: Brett Peers
Phone: +1-403-280-8300
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /HiHog.LivestockEquipment
Twitter: @HiHogRanchEquip
Instagram: @hi.hog

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