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Dryland Timothy and Oaten Hay

Dryland Timothy and Oaten Hay

Agricultural animal feed

Current export markets: Japan, South Korea, United States

Planned export markets: Middle East, China

For over 25 years, Dalziel Enterprises has been a Canadian industry pioneer in supplying Asian and US markets with high quality long fiber sources. Our two processing facilities in Central Alberta are adjacent to producers of dryland timothy and mixed hays.

We specialize in double compressed dryland timothy hay. Producers of dryland hay utilize lower impact methods of farming which do not rely on the addition of the same fertilizers and chemicals used in irrigated hay. This provides a more natural, environmentally sustainable, low nitrate, low potassium product for maximum palatability.

Dalziel Enterprises has drying and compressing capabilities at both facilities. We produce 42 kg “Mini-Bales” and 27 kg “Half-Cut” bales. Both products are available in bulk or in stretch wrapped packages.

Starting in 2017, Dalziel has been providing Canadian Dryland Oaten Hay to markets with great success. Dryland Oaten hay grown in Central Alberta has extremely high Water-Soluble Carbohydrate levels and low nitrate levels which make another extremely palatable feed source.

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