Cantriex Livestock International Inc.

Full service livestock and livestock genetics brokerage that have been in the exporting business for more than 30 years.

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Livestock and Livestock Genetics

Agricultural livestock and genetic material

Current export markets: United States, Central Asia, Europe

Planned export markets: South East Asia, Middle East

Cantriex Livestock International Inc. (Cantriex) is a full service livestock and livestock genetics brokerage company that has been in the business of exporting for more than 30 years. Cantriex’s vast network of domestic and international customers gives the company a strategic position that allows it to complete a wide range of transactions. Operated by Tony and David Saretsky, Cantriex offers marketing, consulting, foreign exchange, logistical and management services for the livestock industry.

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Contact: David Saretsky
Phone: +1-403-896-9616
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