Blindman Brewing

Multi award winning craft brewery that uses the highest quality ingredients and leading-edge production techniques.

Canadian Craft Beer

Canadian Craft Beer


Current export markets: Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan

Planned export markets: United States, China, South Korea

Blindman Brewing is a multiple-award winning craft brewery based in the heart of Canada’s barley heartland. Brewing out of Lacombe, Alberta, using the highest quality ingredients and leading-edge production techniques, Blindman believes in creating innovative, flavourful beers.

Our lineup includes new and in-demand styles as well as modern takes on old favourites. Some of our standouts include our Blindman River Session Ale, Longshadows IPA, New England Pale Ale, Five of Diamonds Pilsner, Ichorous Imperial Stout and our Kettle Sours.

Packaged mainly into the fast-growing category of 473 mL “tall boy” cans and some traditional 355 ml cans, Blindman also uses centrifuging instead of traditional filtering to increase shelf stability without sacrificing flavour.

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Contact: Kirk Zembal
Phone: +1-780-235-8766
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /blindmanbrewing
X: @blindmanbrewery
Instagram: @blindmanbrewery

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