Market contacts

Specialist Market region
Paola Zaragoza, 587-926-1598 Manager, Export Development
Francis Duahn, 587-873-4278 Export Readiness
Lana Leishman, 403-827-6730 Export Development, Japan and South Korea
Marissa Brewer, 780-968-3510 Export Development, United States
Meghan Horosko, 780-619-0463 Export Development, Mexico, Central and South America
Natujwa Maliondo, 780-490-8188 Export Development, Southeast Asia
Rachel Luo, 780-720-3631 Export Development, Greater China, Middle East and North Africa
Stefanie Braz, 780-427-3144 Marketing, Executive Team Mission Planning
Steven Jarvis, 780-641-9936 Export Development, Europe and South Asia


Connect with the Export Development Team:
Email: [email protected]

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