Affordable Housing Partnership Program

Public, non-profit, and private-sector housing providers can apply for funding for innovative and sustainable affordable housing projects.


The Affordable Housing Partnership Program aims to bring together partners from public, private and non-profit organizations to provide more affordable housing where it is needed most.

Alberta’s Stronger Foundations affordable housing strategy is committed to taking a renewed, people-first approach to protect vulnerable Albertans, get the best value for taxpayer dollars, and increase the long-term sustainability of the housing system.

For more information on the purpose of this funding program, read the Affordable Housing Partnership Framework.

Application status

The Application intake period is closed.

Applications submitted outside of a defined intake period will not be considered.

Details on the next intake period will be available in spring 2024.


New construction, renovation or development projects may be eligible for up to 1/3 of the total project cost.

The provincial contribution may be in the form of:

  • capital grants
  • land or buildings
  • transfer or long-term lease of a government-owned asset


Construction type

  • an addition to or renovation of existing housing resulting in a minimum 5 net new affordable housing units
  • conversion of non-rental housing (for example, hotel or commercial space)
  • redevelopment on the existing site involving demolition and new construction and resulting in a minimum of 5 net new affordable housing units
  • new construction

Housing type

  • mixed-income developments with an affordable and/or social housing component
  • specialized housing development
  • mixed-use developments with commercial, retail, community, medical and/or social services (preference will be given to those that provide complementary services)
  • housing development or selection of developments that include a portion of owner occupiers and others for affordable and social housing (homeownership programs may be included as part of the affordability and financial sustainability of the proposal)

Eligible costs

  • land acquisition
  • permits, re-zoning, and development
  • architectural consulting fees
  • construction material and labour for new units, or the purchase and renovation of existing units and the conversion of non-residential space to residential units
  • demolition of units for reconstruction
  • appraisal, geotechnical testing, building condition assessments, and legal fees as needed
  • insurance and bonding
  • required professional reports
  • site improvements such as landscaping

How to apply

Applications are now closed. Details on the next intake period will be available in spring 2024.

Applications submitted outside of a defined intake period will not be considered.

Step 1. Read the guidelines

Affordable Housing Partnership Program Guidelines

Step 2: Review the sample Affordable Housing Partnership Agreements

Successful applicants will receive 3 proposed Affordable Housing Partnership Program Agreements with respect to the proposed project.

Applicants are encouraged to review the 3 sample Affordable Housing Partnership Agreements below for a general understanding of the terms and conditions required under the Affordable Housing Partnership Program.

  1. Sample Affordable Housing Partnership Program Capital Grant Agreement
  2. Sample Affordable Housing Partnership Program Operating Agreement
  3. Sample Affordable Housing Grant Security Agreement

Note: We encourage you to review the Disbursement Milestones outlined in the Sample Affordable Housing Partnership Program Capital Grant Agreement as part of your application process.

Step 3: Fill out the online application package:

When the intake period is open, go to the Online Affordable Housing Partnership Program Application.

While completing your online application you can save your progress by pressing save at the bottom of the form and a link will be sent to your email. This will enable you to save your progress or share your application with other project partners for further review prior to submission.

Note: If you have applied to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for the National Housing Co-Investment Fund or Rapid Housing Initiative, you may submit that application instead, but you will be requested to send additional information specifically for the Affordable Housing Partnership Program. In this case please forward your application via email to: [email protected] and an advisor will reach out to request additional information.

Step 4: Review the online application package:

Prior to submission review your application using the Checklist to ensure you have included all required information and documents as part of your submission.

Step 5: Submit the application package

When the intake period is open, access the Online Affordable Housing Partnership Application and select “Submit.”

After you apply

Successful applicants will be notified within 3 months of the application closing deadline. During the review process, applicants may be contacted for additional information by program staff.

If any details change related to the project scope or approvals within this period, the applicant should advise the Ministry of Seniors, Community and Social Services.


Subject to the agreement, successful applicants will be required to report on the following annually for the term of the agreement:

  • number of units allocated for those in core housing need
  • annual household income and composition by non-market unit
  • number and size of units at market rent vs. non-market rental rates
  • units occupied or unoccupied
  • attestation of compliance with agreement
  • statement of revenue and expenses

Approved projects

Affordable Housing Partnership Program – Approved projects list



Connect with the Housing Capital Program Branch:
Email: [email protected]