Alberta residents are able to adopt children in government care, as well as through private and international adoption.

Services and information

Adopt a child with special needs who is not able to live with their biological family and is in the permanent care of Children’s Services.

Adopt a child of a spouse or relative, or adopt a child through a private direct placement or licensed adoption agency.

Albertans can apply to adopt a child who lives in another country.

See profiles for children who are ready to be part of an adoptive family.

The Wednesday’s Child Program features some of the children in Alberta who are ready to be adopted.

Families who adopt or obtain private guardianship of a child in permanent government care can apply for financial assistance.

See statistics for different types of adoption in Alberta.

If you have questions or want to leave comments about the adoption process in Alberta or Wednesday’s Child, complete our online form.


Adoption is a provincially regulated program. Alberta's Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act indicates that in order for an applicant to be eligible to apply for adoption in Alberta, they must be a resident of Alberta at the time of application, approval and placement.

If you do not live in Alberta, please contact the adoption authorities in the province or territory in which you currently reside to inquire about local adoption resources available to you.

Types of adoption

In Alberta, there are 3 types of adoption. Select the type below to obtain more information:

Other adoption program information

Supports for Permanency


Other related programs

Private Guardianship: for children who have permanent status with Alberta Children’s Services

Foster Care: temporary caregiver for child in care

Adult Adoption: Adoption of a person in Alberta 18 years of age or older

Post Adoption Registry: Information about adoptions that have been granted in Alberta

Foster care records: Historical Information for persons who were in the care of Alberta Children’s Services as a child.