Acid deposition results when acid forming pollutants are deposited on the earth’s surface. Sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen are the main acid forming pollutants. Deposition of acidifying substances and their reactive products to terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems may result in acidification and damage to the ecosystem.

Management of acidic deposition requires an integrated approach that includes measurement; estimation of emissions and deposition; and evaluation of the effects of deposition on recipient ecosystems.

In Alberta, a management framework has been developed and is based on 4 levels of acid deposition. Each of the levels of deposition corresponds with specific management practices.

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Acid deposition assessment

Under Alberta’s Acid Deposition Management Framework, 2 provincewide acid deposition assessments have been completed.

2011 Assessment

2004 Assessment and framework revision

Related information

To view information on both Edmonton 83H East and West areas, visit the Open Government Portal at:

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