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ABTraceTogether FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the ABTraceTogether mobile app.

How ABTraceTogether works

About ABTraceTogether

  • What is ABTraceTogether (ABTT)?

    ABTraceTogether (ABTT) is the first, and still only, contact tracing app in Canada. It was the first government app launched in Canada to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, as we moved quickly to provide multiple ways to help protect Albertans.

  • How does the ABTraceTogether app work?

    The ABTT app uses a secure, community-driven approach where mobile devices exchange Bluetooth-enabled secure encrypted tokens when another device with the app installed is detected nearby. No other information is shared.

    If ABTT app users become infected with COVID-19, they may work with contract tracers from Alberta Health Services to alert those who may have been in close contact.

    Although contact tracing activities are currently focused on high-risk settings, the app remains operational. Alberta Health continues to monitor COVID-19 situation closely, including the impact on the province’s health care system, and will make adjustments to the public health policy, such as contact tracing, if necessary.

  • Why is the Government of Alberta continuing to support ABTraceTogether?

    ABTT is an important part of our efforts to use all the tools available to protect the health of Albertans and stop the spread of COVID-19. As such, Alberta continues to have the ABTT app available.

    Technology is an additional layer of protection. It’s important that all Albertans continue to follow all current public health measures.

Using ABTraceTogether

  • How do I use the ABTraceTogether app?

    You can use the ABTraceTogether app by downloading it from your app store on every mobile device you regularly use.

    After set up is complete: Keep Bluetooth turned on and the app open in the background until the end of the outbreak.

    The ABTraceTogether app runs in the background to keep you and those around you safe.

  • How do I know that my app is working?

    If you’re an Android user

    You’ll see a sticky notification under your phone's Notifications panel that lets you know the app is up and running.

    If you’re an iOS user

    If the system detects that your app hasn't been working for a period of time, you will be sent a notification with instructions on how to troubleshoot.


  • How long should I keep the app running?

    Please keep the app running with Bluetooth enabled at all times. It is recommended to use the app for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak.

    You can also disable the app’s functionality any time by turning off Bluetooth permissions or deleting it. Deleting the app will remove all stored data on your phone.

  • Will ABTraceTogether work if I travel out of province?

    Yes. ABTraceTogether will continue to work if you travel out of province. However, ABTraceTogether will only be able to record encounters with individuals who also have the app.

ABTraceTogether updates

  • What changed in the latest ABTT update (version 2.3)?

    • Widgets that display more COVID-19 statistics, including new cases and vaccines administered, are available for both iOS and Android versions.
    • A “pause” feature allows users to pause the detection of other devices over a scheduled time span (up to 8 hours) to improve battery usage.
    • The home screen of the app displays more information, such as case numbers, vaccinations and an interactive map detailing the number of active cases by local area.
    • New health guidance measures are displayed when they are changed by public health.
    • Added more information about how users will be notified if they are a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case in the “Learn More” section of the app.
    • Links directly to the COVID-19 self-assessment tool.
    • Now notifies users when the ABTT privacy policy is updated and requires users’ consent.
  • Why do I need to agree to the privacy policy again?

    Your privacy is our top priority. We update the privacy policy to continuously reflect any changes made in the application. The new pop-up notification feature will ensure that you are informed of these changes and have the opportunity to consent prior to continued use of the app.

ABTraceTogether and privacy

  • What data is collected? Are you able to see my personal data?

    During the app set up, the only personal data we collect is your mobile number, so Alberta Health Services can contact you quickly if you were in close proximity to a COVID-19 case.

    With your consent, the ABTraceTogether app exchanges Bluetooth proximity data with nearby phones running the same app. This data is anonymized and encrypted, and does not reveal your identity or the other person's identity. In order to measure distance, information about your phone model and the signal strength recorded is also shared, since different phone models transmit at a different power.

    This data is stored only on your phone, and is not shared with Alberta Health Services, and is cleared after 21 days. Should Alberta Health Services need the data for contact tracing, they will ask you directly to share it with them and enable an upload of your contact tracing logs.

    The ABTraceTogether app also collects anonymized app utilization data to improve the app across different phone models, and to provide a better experience to our users.

  • How is my privacy protected?

    Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services are committed to protecting your privacy, and chose a contact tracing solution that was designed with privacy in mind, including the following key features:

    • Geolocation data is not collected by the app (i.e., the information retrieved will not be able to identify where you have been, such as your city or address).
    • The Bluetooth exchange ID log data collected is stored locally in your phone in an encrypted form. This data will not be accessed by Alberta Health Services unless and until you choose to upload it as a result of being diagnosed with COVID-19.
    • Mobile numbers or any other personal information are not revealed to other app. Only temporary IDs are exchanged between phones, and these IDs change regularly.

    Once contact tracing for COVID-19 ceases, we will disable Alberta Contact Tracing’s functionality. Please see the privacy notice for more information.

  • Why are Bluetooth and Location Services required?

    Enabling Bluetooth and Location Services is used solely to improve the app’s functionality by allowing the app to operate regardless of the device’s lock/unlock state or the app’s foreground/background status. Personal information, and location information or GPS coordinates are not used, captured, or stored.

  • Can the ABTraceTogether app track the location of all phones installed with AB TraceTogether?

    The ABTraceTogether app does not collect or use physical location data (e.g., GPS, WiFi fingerprinting, or mobile device ID). The app instead relies on proximity data via Bluetooth and temporary IDs that change over time.

    The app doesn't identify where COVID-19 exposure may have occurred. It only seeks to establish who else might have been exposed to the virus.

    Contact tracers may directly ask you questions about your physical location (e.g., which stores or workplaces you visited) for activity mapping through verbal interviews, but this will never be captured within the ABTraceTogether app or provided to other app users with your personal information.

  • Can I say no to uploading my ABTraceTogether data when contacted by Alberta Health Services?

    ABTraceTogether is based on voluntary, community-driven contact tracing. Users of the ABTraceTogether app who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are contacted by Alberta Health Services, can choose to submit their app data to more quickly help others in the community.

  • Does ABTraceTogether share information with MyHealth Records?

    ABTraceTogether does not share any information with MyHealthRecords. MyHealthRecords does not share any information with ABTraceTogether other than the phone number you enter when going through MyHealthRecords to upload your ABTraceTogether contact data. This phone number is not saved on MyHealthRecords and cannot be accessed after you have completed the upload flow on ABTraceTogether.

  • What kind of application analytics data does the ABTraceTogether app collect?

    The Government of Alberta, through Alberta Health, may use anonymized data collected through the use of the ABTraceTogether app to make sure it is functioning for users who have downloaded it, understand app adoption, support the consistent and effective use of the app, and to better inform contact tracers on thresholds and effective public health outreach activities.

    Information provided may be used for health system management and planning, policy development and analysis of the public health emergency. Contact information will not be used for this purpose, only your random anonymized User ID and other de-identified data.

    None of this data is identifiable to a specific person or location, and is always stored separately from any personal information used for contact tracing, such as your phone number. Analytics information used to inform Alberta Health on app effectiveness may include, for example: total number of users, distribution of user registrations over time, total number of contacts by user, average contacts per user, distribution of contacts across users, total unique contacts, total number of contacts that have been contacted by a health care worker, average duration of exposure with contacts, etc.

    Analytics information collected to provide a better experience to app users may include: device information (brand, category, model, OS version) and app information (app store, app version, country, language, time since installation).

  • How can I stop sharing my data?

    You can stop sharing your data by taking two steps:

    1) Delete the app to stop tracing functionality

    Deleting the app will result in logs no longer being collected by your device and all data associated with or generated by contact with your app will automatically be deleted from all mobile devices after 21 days.

    2) Email [email protected] to remove your phone number

    You can have your phone number removed from the registration system by emailing [email protected] with the mobile number you registered in the app. We will then delete your mobile number from our server. This renders meaningless all data that your phone has exchanged with other phones, because that data will no longer be associated with you. Please refer to the privacy notice for more details.

  • Who do I contact if I have a question about how my data is being handled?

    If you have any questions about how your personal information is being used then please contact [email protected].

ABTraceTogether technical info

  • How can I report issues found with ABTraceTogether and contribute to its development?

    The ABTraceTogether app is open source. If you find issues or have ideas to improve the app, you can submit your feedback to Github:

  • Are ABTraceTogether test results available publicly?

    Yes. See ABTraceTogether test results:

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