AADL – Authorizers and vendors

Information for authorizers and vendors about the AADL program, including program manuals, forms, approved product lists and training.


Authorizers and vendors work with AADL clients who have a long-term disability, chronic illness or terminal illness so they can maintain independence within their communities.

Before providing AADL program services to Albertans, authorizers and vendors must be approved by AADL. This includes understanding how the AADL program works, what benefits AADL will provide funding for and client eligibility criteria. 

Authorizers and vendors are responsible for ensuring:

  • AADL clients receive benefits that meet their clinically-assessed needs
  • clients are educated on their roles and responsibilities within the program
  • clients understand what they are authorized for
  • clients understand the benefits they receive and any amount they are required to pay

In focus

Program information

General AADL administration information for authorizers and vendors.

Authorizer information and training

Learn how to become an authorizer and find the training resources you need.

Vendor information

Information on becoming a vendor, pricing and quantity explanations and specific benefit details.

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