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The Government of Alberta is committed to preventing youth suicide and improving the health and well-being of young people. Building Strength, Inspiring Hope: A Provincial Action Plan for Youth Suicide Prevention 2019 to 2024 (the Plan) is a provincial plan to reduce the rate of youth suicide and suicide attempts in Alberta.

The Plan’s vision is: An Alberta where youth feel they are heard, supported and valued and we all actively work together to prevent youth suicide.

The Youth Suicide Prevention (YSP) Grant Program invited applications for programs, services, or projects that support implementation of the Plan through targeted grant funding for evidence-informed initiatives that align with one or more of the Plan’s outcome areas, target priority youth populations at increased risk of suicide, and either:

  • expand the capacity of existing initiatives to address identified suicide prevention gaps and community needs, or
  • support the development and piloting of new, innovative initiatives to address identified suicide prevention gaps and community needs.

The Plan points to Alberta’s high provincial rate of youth suicide and notes that some sub-populations are at increased risk of suicide. Priority youth populations at increased risk include:

  • Indigenous youth
  • sexual and gender diverse youth
  • youth experiencing homelessness
  • youth in government care or transitioning out of care
  • youth with mental health and addiction challenges
  • recent immigrant and refugee youth

The 3 outcome areas targeted by the YSP Grant Program are supports and services, training, and education and awareness. More information about these outcome areas and examples of eligible activities can be found in section 2.2 of the Youth Suicide Prevention Plan Grant Guidelines (PDF, 914 KB).

For the purposes of this grant grogram, ‘youth’ includes all individuals under the age of 25.

The geographic scope of the YSP Grant Program is provincewide, including urban and rural areas, as well as Metis Settlements and Indigenous organizations.


The range of funding per grant agreement is from $40,000 to $150,000 per fiscal year. Grant funds must be used only for the purposes approved by the ministry.

The term of the YSP Grant Program will be from May 1, 2022, to March 31, 2024.

The Province reserves the right to renew the grant agreement under the same terms and conditions, for up to two single year renewals to perform the project.

Based on available funding and the number of applications received, not all applications may be funded or receive the full amount requested.


Eligible organizations:

  1. Be classified as one of the following:
  • a not-for-profit organization or society, legally registered and in good standing under one of the following legislation:
    • Provincial Legislation (Alberta)
      • Societies Act
      • Companies Act, Part 9 (Not-for-profit companies)
      • Special Act of the Legislature
      • Agricultural Societies Act – Religious Societies Land Act, Part 2
      • Post-secondary Learning Act
      • Part 21 of the Business Corporations Act - Extra-Provincial Corporations*
        *Must be incorporated as a not-for-profit organization or society in home jurisdiction.
    • Federal Legislation (Canada)
      • Special Act of Parliament
      • Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and must be registered in Alberta under the Business Corporations Act
      • Income Tax Act (and operating in the Province of Alberta [Charities])
      • Board of Trade Act, Part 2 (Chambers of Commerce)
  • a First Nation
  • a Metis Settlement
  1. Be operating in Alberta for a minimum of one full calendar year.
  2. Applicants must insure their operations under a contract of general liability insurance, in accordance with Alberta’s Insurance Act, in an amount not less than $2,000,000 inclusive per occurrence.
  3. Applicants must insure against bodily injury, personal injury and property damage, including loss of use thereof.

Program criteria

The successful applicants, whether expanding capacity of existing initiatives or new innovative initiatives, must demonstrate how the project aligns with the program purpose outlined in section 2.1 of the guidelines and meets the criteria specified, all with a specific focus on youth suicide prevention.

Projects targeting other areas of prevention or other populations will not be considered.


Applications will be reviewed based on the following considerations:

  • the comprehensiveness of the application
  • ability to achieve the stated objectives and outcomes
  • value for money
  • general alignment with Ministry’s goals and objectives
  • geographic distribution of projects
  • which suicide prevention gaps and community needs are addressed in the projects
  • which priority youth populations at increased risk of suicide were addressed in the projects

After you apply

Grant awarding will be based solely on the discretion of the Minister of Children’s Services and how the proposed projects align with the goals of the Ministry.

Following the final selection of successful applicants, if any, the Alberta government and the successful applicants will enter into a grant agreement.

Based on available funding and the number of applications received, not all applications meeting the established criteria may be funded or receive the full grant amount requested.


Connect with us if you have questions regarding the Youth Suicide Prevention Grant Program:

Email: [email protected]

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