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Program updates

Regular updates on what's happening in the Working Well program.


Fact sheets

The following fact sheets can be found at Working Well: Clean Water Protected.

  • Issue 1 – Ten Ways to Protect Your Well and Groundwater Supply
  • Issue 2 – Water Well Design and Construction
  • Issue 3 – Shock Chlorinating Your Well
  • Issue 4 – Plugging Your Well
  • Issue 5 – Upgrading Your Well in a Pit
  • Issue 6 – Over-pumping Your Well
  • Issue 7 – Measuring Well Water Levels
  • Issue 8 – Well Owner Responsibilities
  • Issue 9 – Drilling a New Well
  • Issue 10 – Private Sewage Systems
  • Issue 11 – Gas in Your Water Well
  • Issue 12 – Taking Water Samples
  • Issue 13 – Maintaining Your Cistern
  • Issue 14 – Water Treatment for Well Owners
  • Issue 15 – Protecting Your Well From Disasters
  • Issue 16 – Cross Connections and Your Well



Other resources

Well owner survey

On behalf of the Working Well program, the University of Alberta conducted a water well owner survey to learn more about the stewardship practices of private water well owners in Alberta, including factors that may encourage or discourage stewardship.

A report summarizing the survey findings and recommendations, prepared by the University of Alberta, is available:


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