Naloxone is a drug that can temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

More workers can now administer injectable naloxone as part of their job duties, provided they are trained and their employer meets the requirements. This is especially beneficial for those who work in settings where people are at risk of overdosing.

Bystanders continue to be able to administer injectable naloxone if no authorized individual is present.


It is an organization’s choice to add the ability to inject naloxone to a worker’s job duties.
In order to administer injectable naloxone as part of a person’s job duties, these requirements must be met:

  • A worker must be authorized by their employer in writing.
  • A worker must complete training that builds competence in rescue breathing, contacting emergency medical services and naloxone administration by injection.
  • A worker must complete any other training required by their employer, including any requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and Occupational Health and Safety Code.
  • Employers must have appropriate controls in place to protect workers.
  • Employers must ensure naloxone kits and personal protective equipment are in proper working condition and stored and used correctly, including proper sharps disposal.
  • Employers must purchase naloxone for use in the workplace.

Authorized regulated health professionals, police officers, peace officers and firefighters can continue to administer injectable naloxone as part of their job duties.

Supervised consumption service provider staff are now captured within the new authorities for workers. They will continue to be able to administer injectable naloxone with no interruption to their authority.

A ministerial order was signed for authorized staff to perform this activity in 2023.

Fact sheet: Naloxone in the workplace: Occupational health and safety information for employers and workers in non-health-care settings

Nasal naloxone

These requirements do not apply to nasal naloxone.

Administering nasal naloxone is not considered a restricted activity. Employers have always had the option to have workers administer nasal naloxone as part of their job duties.


In order to meet the legal requirements to administer naloxone as part of your job duties, workers must complete training in:

  • rescue breathing
  • contacting emergency medical services
  • naloxone administration by injection

Alberta Health Services has developed a free online training module for workers on administering injectable naloxone.

Workers may also need to complete additional training as determined by your employer.

Naloxone kits

Employers are responsible for purchasing naloxone kits for the workplace.

Injectable naloxone kits can be ordered at many pharmacies in Alberta. Contact your local pharmacy to inquire about purchasing kits for the workplace.

Injectable naloxone kits for personal use continue to available free of charge at over 2,000 sites in Alberta, including pharmacies and community-based organization. Find a location near you.

Nasal naloxone (also known as NARCAN) is available for purchase. Organizations and businesses can order it directly from Emergent BioSolutions or from a local pharmacy.


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