FMA Area

The forest management planning area under consideration is Forest Management Agreement FMA 9700032. The forest management plan includes the Forest Management Agreement and non-FMA portions of Forest Management Unit R13, collectively known as the Detailed Forest Area. The Detailed Forest Area is located within the Upper Athabasca, and North Saskatchewan Land-Use Framework planning regions in west central Alberta; it falls within the Subalpine, Upper Foothills, and Lower Foothills Natural Sub-regions.

Current plan

Plan duration: 2018 to 2027

Approval: Approval – West Fraser Mills Ltd. (Edson) 2018 Forest Management Plan (May 1, 2018) (PDF, 661 KB)

Forest Management Plan: West Fraser Mills Ltd. (Edson) 2018 Forest Management Plan (PDF, 15 MB)

Previous plans

West Fraser Mills Ltd. (Edson) 2007 Forest Management Plan