Wapiti River

This plan balances economic, recreational and cultural interests while protecting aquatic resources in the Wapiti River basin.


The impetus for developing the Wapiti River Water Management Plan was a concern about Wapiti River water diversions during winter low flow periods. In response, the Wapiti River Water Management Plan Steering Committee was established in 2012 in collaboration with local key stakeholders. The Steering Committee developed a comprehensive evaluation of current and future water demand and supply; conducted science-based environmental flow needs assessments necessary for protection of the aquatic resource which included water quantity, water quality, aquatic species and habitat; and considered Indigenous and Metis perspectives of traditional land uses in the area.

The Steering Committee developed a Water Conservation Objective (WCO) and recommendations for the Wapiti River basin to support present and future economic, recreational, and cultural activities while managing and protecting aquatic resources.

The Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance, the Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) representing the Peace watershed, which includes the Wapiti River basin, was a key contributor in the development of the Plan and the lead for the related Wapiti Watershed Source Water Protection Plan.

Water management

The essence of a water management plan is to strike the right balance between a sustainable environment and the economic and the social well-being of Albertans. The Wapiti River Water Management Plan is intended to help the agencies responsible for water licence approvals, Alberta Environment and Protected Areas and the Alberta Energy Regulator, make water management decisions under the Water Act.

The Wapiti River Water Management Plan is an example of the watershed planning approach recommended in the Water for Life strategy and follows the guiding structure found within the Framework for Water Management Planning.


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