Upholding arts as a profession

The Arts Professions Recognition Act (Bill 75) supports the importance of contracts, ensuring artists are paid fairly and encouraging greater respect for art as a profession.

Status: Bill 75 came into force on December 2, 2021
Ministry responsible: Culture and Status of Women


Bill 75: Arts Professions Recognition Act promotes greater economic security, freedom of expression and professional recognition for Alberta’s artists.

Bill 75 endorses the importance of contracts when engaging artists for services, ensuring fair financial treatment for artists. Bill 75 also encourages greater respect for freedom of expression, the arts and artists as professionals, and their associations.

In 2019, the visual and applied arts and live performance industries contributed about $1.3 billion in GDP and 20,000 jobs in Alberta. However, artists median income ($28,500) is 51% lower than that of all Alberta workers ($52,400). Artists with university degrees earn about 55% less ($30,300) than workers with the same education ($66,500).

The Arts Professions Recognition Act is part of the government’s commitment to grow culture industries in the province by 25% over the next 10 years and is an important step in Alberta’s Recovery Plan.

Key changes

Bill 75: Arts Professions Recognition Act:

  • formally acknowledges artists’ value and contributions to Alberta and promote their work and their rights to help make their artistic enterprises profitable
  • protects artists’ economic and contractual rights
  • emphasizes in law Alberta’s continued commitment to freedom of artistic expression
  • models the way for private and non-profit employers and contractors in Alberta’s economy, and helps legitimize the professional nature of artists’ work

Next steps

Bill 75: the Arts Professions Recognition Act  came into force on December 2, 202.

An implementation plan will be developed within a year following proclamation.