Alberta Transportation is interested in finding the best possible construction materials from manufacturers/suppliers in order to build its roads and bridges.

Manufacturers/suppliers interested in providing products for use on department projects will need to have the product listed on the department's products list. The product evaluation process and submission forms are listed below. Test results for materials such as paint, glass beads and salt and other useful information on specifications and guidelines are provided in the Test Procedures Link.

Alberta Transportation Products List

Products Test Results and Materials Test Procedures

  • QA Test Results for Paint, Glass Beads and Salt (PDF, 396 KB)
  • Material Testing Specifications
    • B373 - The Repair of Bridges with Fibre-Reinforced Shotcrete, Specifications for
    • B375 - The Repair of SPCSP Culverts with Fibre-Reinforced Shotcrete, Specifications for
    • B387 - Non-shrink Grout, Specification for
    • B388 - Concrete Sealers, Specification for
    • B391 - Concrete Patching Materials, Specification for
    • B392 - Seed Aggregates used in Polymer Membranes and Overlays, Specification for
    • B401 - Paint for Use on Structural Steel Bridge Components, Specification for
    • B405 - Polymer Resins used in Polymer Overlays, Specification for
    • GB - Glass Beads for Pavement Markings, Specification for
    • TPC - White and Yellow Traffic Paint, Specification for
  • Test Procedures and Guidelines (PDF, 107 KB)
    • Bridge Tests (BT Series)
    • Transportation Materials Laboratory Tests (TLT Series)

Materials Best Practice Guidelines (PDF, 108 KB)

  • Best Practice Selection of Culvert Types (Guidelines for Culvert Selection)
  • Best Practice Guidelines for Culvert Liner Selection
  • Best Practice Guidelines for Sampling of Traffic Paint
  • Best Practice Guidelines for Selecting Concrete Bridge Deck Sealers
  • Best Practice Guidelines for Selecting Standard Fencing Options
  • Maintenance Guidelines and Procedures (11.0 Crack Maintenance)