Bridge test procedures and guidelines

Index of bridge tests and descriptions.

Bridge tests

Test numberDescription
BT001Measuring the Vapour Transmission, Waterproofing and Hiding Power of Concrete Sealers
BT002Alkaline Resistance of Penetrating Sealers for Bridge Concrete
BT003Replaced by ASTM D5095* Test Method for Determination of the Non Volatile Content in Silanes, Siloxanes, and Silane- Silomane Blends used in Masonry Water-Repellent Treatments
BT005Measuring the Waterproofing Performance of Core Samples taken from Sealed Concrete Surfaces
BT006Measuring Length Change of Bridge Concrete Patching Material
BT008Finger Printing Sealers using Infrared Spectroscopy and Gas Chromatographic Separation
BT009Replaced by Chapter 3 of Level 2 BIM Inspection Manual*
BT010Casting and Storing Concrete Test Specimens for use in Approval Testing of Sealers

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