Traffic Safety Act consultation

Albertans shared their thoughts about helmet use for Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) on public land and penalties for excessive speedings.

This engagement has been archived
Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Transportation
Completed: 2016

We consulted with Albertans to understand attitudes and opinions towards Off-Highway Vehicle helmet use on public land and towards excessive speeding penalties. This was done to improve safety on Alberta’s roadways.

Helmets for Off-Highway Vehicles

Alberta Health Services (AHS) data show that between 2009 and 2013, on average, more than 21 people were killed in Alberta as a result of OHV use each year. Medical examiner statistics show that 41% of ATV deaths are a result of head injuries.

Survey participants were asked to respond to questions about OHV helmet use on public land and thoughts on additional exemptions based on age of riders and what the OHV is being used for.

Off-Highway Vehicle Collisions (0.3 MB)

Excessive Speed

Alberta Transportation statistics show that, on average, there are 1,165 convictions for speeding more than 50 km/h over the limit in the province each year. Drivers travelling at this speed are subject to a mandatory court appearance where a judge can impose penalties such as a fine or licence suspension.

Participants helped determine if more severe penalties for excessive speed are needed and what penalties are appropriate.

Collisions Involving Unsafe Speed (0.02 MB)

How to get involved

The survey was available from September 8-25, 2016.

How input will be used

The Government of Alberta is considering amendments to the Traffic Safety Act (0.7 MB), which will be based on the responses gathered from this survey. Legislation is expected to follow in the Fall 2016 session.