Traffic Accommodation in Work Zones Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide information and minimum requirements to the various parties involved in Alberta Transportation contracts, agreements, permits and authorizations to ensure traffic accommodation in work zones is handled in a consistent, safe and effective manner.

Traffic Accommodation in Work Zones Manual

Drawings for minimum temporary signing requirements are included within the manual, as well as separately in .dgn format.

Typical Drawings For Temporary Construction Signing - 2018 Traffic accommodation

Other Resources

Traffic sign catalogue

See descriptions, characteristics and inventory numbers of signs used on Alberta's highway network.

Transportation construction products list

Alberta Transportation's product list should be consulted when selecting some categories of work zone traffic control devices.

Recommended practices guidelines

Alberta Transportation's recommended practices provide guidance on highway signs and other operational characteristics. They are referenced by several work zone standards.

Roadside Design Guide

Alberta Transportation's Roadside Design Guide should be referred to when considering roadside design elements in a work zone.