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Speech from the Throne


The throne speech opens a new session of the legislature and outlines the broad goals and direction for government.


The Speech from the Throne is your first opportunity to learn about government's new priorities for the year ahead. The throne speech is delivered by Alberta's Lieutenant Governor and marks the opening of a new session of the legislature.

The fourth session of the 30th legislature opened November 29, 2022 with a speech from the throne delivered by Her Honour, the Honourable Salma Lakhani, AOE, B.Sc., LLD (hon) Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.

Throne speech highlights

The Speech from the Throne outlines the efforts government will take to address affordability, increase jobs, strengthen the economy, improve health care, and stand up for Alberta's interest.

  • Affordability measures
    Affordability measures
    • Implementing targeted inflation-relief and affordability measures to support all Albertans

    • Extending the energy price protection and reviewing the electricity-pricing system to look at lowering costs for power transmission and distribution

    • Providing additional support for foodbanks and helping low-income Albertans with the cost of transit

    • Providing additional support and indexing benefits for vulnerable Albertans

    • Indexing personal income taxes

  • Jobs and the economy
    Jobs and the economy
    • Creating conditions to grow industries, businesses and job opportunities

    • Enhancing trade infrastructure and agreements

    • Reducing barriers to interprovincial trade for agriculture and food production

    • Continued leadership in hydrogen and petrochemicals and development in helium, lithium, liquefied natural gas, geothermal energy and minerals

    • Providing clear and environmentally responsible direction for developing tourism amenities such as campgrounds, trails and other attractions

    • Developing strategies to address labour market gaps

    • Enhance funding to engage with minority communities and support anti-racism initiatives

  • Health care
    Health care
    • Taking action to improve health care delivery and health outcomes

    • Restoring local decision-making closer to point-of-care and directing more resources to frontline care

    • Improving EMS response times and cut emergency wait times

    • Improving access to primary care and address staffing challenges, especially in rural areas

    • Reducing wait times for surgeries

    • Expanding supports for mental health and addictions, including for schools and families

  • Standing up for Alberta
    Standing Up for Alberta
    • Defending Alberta’s rights under the Canadian constitution

    • Accessing federal funding, without strings, to meet Albertan’s needs, values and priorities

    • Pushing back against federal programs that create hardships for farmers and ranchers

    • Developing stronger relationships with other provinces and territories for areas of cooperation and mutual economic prosperity