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2018 throne speech

The fourth session of the 29th legislation opened on March 8, 2018 with a speech from the throne delivered by Her Honour, Lois Mitchell, CM, AOE, LLD, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.


Fighting for pipelines, creating jobs and making sure this economic recovery is built to last and built for regular Albertans is the focus for this legislative session.

Creating jobs in a more diversified economy

  • Creating thousands of new technology-focused spaces in our post-secondary institutions.
  • Attracting new investment and jobs through a second round of the Petrochemical Diversification Program.
  • Working with industry to support investment in new straddle plants and partial upgrading, to help us get more from our resources.
  • Establishing a capacity market to give people more stability in electricity prices.
  • Creating jobs and diversifying our electricity mix with more renewable energy.
  • Creating a new Digital Industries Tax Credit to help this sector expand.
  • Expanding the Capital Investor Tax Credit and Alberta Investor Tax Credit to help businesses grow.

Working for regular people and families

  • Working to combat crime and help keep families and properties safe through major new initiatives, especially in rural areas.
  • Expanding access to supervised consumption sites, based on the advice of public health leaders, law enforcement, community leaders and Albertans who’ve witnessed this crisis first-hand.
  • Reforming the province’s lobbyist laws to provide Albertans with more transparency.
  • Extending work to rein in salaries for public body executives and board members to post-secondary institutions.
  • Working to reduce costs in cooperation with the public sector.
  • Keeping taxes on people and businesses the lowest in Canada.

Addressing inequality

  • Expanding the $25-per-day child care pilot to make child care more affordable.
  • Expanding the school lunch program, so that more kids are able to get a good meal at school.
  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  • Expanding crisis services for survivors of sexual violence.
  • Continuing work to reconcile the destructive legacy of the Sixties Scoop.
  • Bringing clean, reliable drinking water to more First Nations communities.


Throne speech focused on Albertans' priorities (March 8, 2018)