The Second Session of the 29th Legislature opened on March 8, 2016 with a Speech from the Throne delivered by Her Honour, Lois Mitchell, CM, AOE, LLD, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.

The legislature dome.

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"We will address the difficult choices that lie before us, in keeping with our deeply held values. Albertans are an optimistic, entrepreneurial, can-do people."


Highlights from the 2016 Speech from the Throne and the government’s plan to:

  • Diversify energy markets
  • Pursue a coherent and effective economic strategy
  • Invest in a greener, more sustainable economy
  • Take a responsible approach to public finances
  • Make democratic reforms to ensure accountability

Diversifying Energy Markets

  • Continued intergovernmental engagement on pipelines
  • Show leadership on climate change
  • Work towards a permanent energy regulatory regime that is effective and predictable

Action on Income Security, Diversification and Job Creation

  • Child Benefit Plan to provide $340 million for up to 380,000 children in low-income families
  • Legislation to protect Albertans in economic distress from predatory lending
  • Expand access to workforce and skills training and retraining for the unemployed
  • Continue to invest $34 billion in necessary infrastructure while retaining jobs
  • Support small- and medium-sized business with venture capital, updated credit union legislation and a new Promoting Job Creation and Diversification Act
  • Modernize royalties to promote innovation, efficiency, transparency and accountability
  • Implement the Alberta Petrochemicals Diversification Program
  • Establish the Energy Diversification Advisory Committee

Investing in a Clean Energy Future

  • Climate Leadership Implementation Act to put the Climate Leadership Plan into action
  • Reinvest revenues from the carbon levy into creating jobs and economic diversification
  • Create an energy efficiency agency to help families, businesses and communities reduce energy costs and greenhouse gases
  • Create the Oil Sands Advisory Group to advise government

Responsible Public Financial Management

  • Budget 2016 will take a prudent and balanced approach to fiscal plans
  • Protect health care and education services
  • Public spending will be managed carefully and efficiently to find all possible economies
  • Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions Act for better oversight, stewardship and accountability of public agencies, boards and commissions

Ongoing Democratic Reform

  • Receive the report from the All-Party Special Committee on Ethics and Accountability
  • Present legislation on key democratic reform issues in the fall

Other Legislation

  • Repeal Bill 22, engage Indigenous communities on consultation
  • Consult on a new Indigenous People’s Sacred Ceremonial Objects Repatriation Act
  • Act to Implement a Supreme Court Ruling Governing Essential Services
  • Invite public and municipal government comment on a modern Municipal Government Act
  • Modernize Enforcement of Provincial Offences Act to allow police and judiciary to focus on major offences by simplifying management of minor offences
  • Amend the Securities Act for modernization, national harmonization and streamlining