2019 throne speech

The first session of the 30th legislature opened on May 22, 2019 with a speech from the throne delivered by Her Honour, Lois Mitchell, CM, AOE, LLD, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.

Your government is focused on getting Albertans back to work, reducing the burden on job creators and renewing the Alberta Advantage.

Getting our fiscal house in order

  • Show the world that Alberta is open for business by restoring investor confidence and re-establishing the province as a job-creating investment magnet.
  • Reduce the tax burden on job creators and farmers.
  • Cut unnecessary red tape to reduce the regulatory burden on job creators by a third.
  • Bring balance back to the province’s finances and find ways to eliminate the deficit while maintaining the high-quality front-line services that Albertans need.
  • Introduce changes for municipalities to attract investment and create jobs.
  • Strengthen property rights and restore balance, fairness and common sense to the regulation of Alberta’s agriculture sector.

Standing up for Alberta

  • Stand up for our province’s right to control and develop our natural resources.
  • Renew the competitiveness of Alberta’s energy sector and our right to compete freely and fairly in national and international economies.
  • Win back investor confidence by providing certainty that the royalty structure in place when a well is drilled remains in place for the life of the well.
  • Protect and maximize the value of Alberta’s resources – including using, as necessary, the Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act.
  • Stand up for Alberta’s interest by seeking support for the complete rejection of Bill C-48 and Bill C-69.
  • Seek unity among Alberta’s political parties to speak with one voice in defense of our resources.
  • Be transparent and honest about how Alberta produces energy to the highest environmental, labour and human rights standards on earth.
  • Challenge those who misrepresent our industry and launch a public inquiry into campaigns to landlock Alberta’s energy.
  • Take action on climate change by introducing the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Fund through regulation targeting large emitters.

Making life better for Albertans

  • Ensure high-quality and effective frontline services to support all Albertans.
  • Make life more affordable for Albertans by repealing the carbon tax and focusing climate change action on large emitters.
  • Invest in new emissions-reducing technologies that can be exported around the world.
  • Strengthen the rights of Albertan workers within unions, promote job creation among youth and help employers create more jobs.
  • Make it easier for newcomers to be credentialed in their professions, work at their skill level and contribute to Alberta’s economy.
  • Reform the education curriculum to prioritize teaching foundational concepts to better prepare young Albertans to succeed in the future.
  • Restore and expand the educational choices available for parents and students.
  • Support First Nations and Indigenous groups’ financial participation in natural resource development and infrastructure projects.
  • Protect vulnerable Albertans by introducing legislation to support victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.
  • Provide police with additional resources to better respond to crimes and the exploitation of children.